LOFT Decora Stationary shops - industrial furniture store, loft shop

euforma Bydgoszcz

Kosciuszki str 27

Interiors ‘Made in Poland’- the best Polish design at your fingertips. In a place that attracts.
You can see there : CRANE LIGHT floor lamp, LITTLE RUDE coffee table, C’HOOK barstools, B.A.R. table, LTV120 cabinet, ITEAT 140/200 table.

euforma warszawa

Pulawska str 108/112

The capital city in the capital. The most Polish design for the capital of Poland!
You can see there: CRANE LIGHT floor lamp, BLACK 140 table, WALK coffee table, LTV cabinet, KIOSQ system, B.A.R. table, wooden sliding doors by LOFT Decora.

euforma gdańsk

Grunwaldzka ave 481

Wow! A place that invites you on a journey. In a sea container, to the Polish best - furniture.
You can find there: CRANE LIGHT lamp, LTV 120 cabinet, TAULUKKO tabe, LITTLE RUDE coffee table and contract interior by LOFT Decora.

galeria noti warszawa

DOMOTEKA, Malborska street 41

LOFT Decora amoung Polish design icons (NOTI).
You can see there: CRANE LIGHT lamp (72h), RUDE SCANDI table (72h), LTV cabinet (72h), A rack amd UOMO tables set.

cafe art of home warszawa

Kolejowa street 47

It smells of coffee, inspires through a good atmosphere and amazes with service.
You can see there: WALK 80sq table.


Top Meble Shopping Centre, Poznanska street 140, Komorniki

The only Diamond Store QuickStep in Poznan. You can find us among the highest class of floors and doors. You can see there: RUDE table, LTV 120 shelf, C’HOOK barstool and many miniature LOFT Decora products.

directfloor poznań

Glogowska street 261A

Check out the best way nature composes with itself!
You can see there: BLACK table, opEN console.

directfloor poznań

St Michal street 73

Check out the best way nature composes with itself!
You can see there: RUDE table.

directfloor Wrocław

Swiebodzki train station, Orląt Lwowskich sq. 20 d

Minimalistic furniture in a minimalistic interior. As always in the company of the best natural wood floors and stylish doors.
You can see there: BLACK table, SGW Scheme.