LOFT Decora furniture designers - design and materials experts

Tomasz Tomaszewski

Man of passion. He is the inheritor of love for wood and carpentry. He designs and makes friends with the materials he uses to create. In his life, the love for furniture design won. The love for wood won.

Loft style furniture designer - Tomasz Tomaszewski

Sylwia Gulewicz-Wysocka

A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Wrocław University of Technology, where she has been designing for over a dozen years. When designing interiors, she is not afraid of reaching for her own furniture projects. This is how SGW SCHEME was created.

Sylwia Gulewicz-Wysocka - designer of industrial furniture LOFT Decora

Jakub Klimas

He studied Architecture and Urban Planning at the Cracow University of Technology. He designs furniture and works on their creation. He chose carpentry for himself and follows in his great-grandfather footsteps - a great local carpenter from the land of Lancut.

Jakub Klimas - designer of wooden furniture

Weronika Poręba

She is at the very beginning of her design route. In design, she is particularly eager to use natural materials and, above all, wood. She values minimalism and simplicity.

Designer LOFT Decora Weronika Poręba