Wooden furniture manufacturer Swarzędz, Poznań | LOFT Decora

Firm History

Swarzędz has always been known and appreciated for the work of producers of wooden furniture. Big factories exporting to the west and east of Europe and small artisan workshops for which quality meant to be or not to be, to have or not to have.


When Grandfather Florek started his carpentry activity at the beginning of the 20th century, he probably assumed that one of his sons would take over the company. He had a hard time – on 20 m2 of his workshop, in the furniture heart of Poland, he created custom-made wooden furniture that fit – made to measure. He always made sure that the wood from which he created was clean, dry and well-colored. His entire Quality Department, i.e. two eyes, could not stand sloppy, short cuts. He played with wood all his life, and in the evenings card game named thousand. Every day we try to remember that production and furniture that goes to someone for many years is one of the biggest obligations you can take on yourself.


LOFT Decora brand

The founders of the LOFT Decora brand are Grzegorz and Tomasz Tomaszewski. Continuing the rich family traditions, they created a furniture brand that produces the highest quality products made of solid wood and steel. The company’s offer includes both products that are created in the brand studio, among others by designers such as Pawlak & amp; Stawarski, available in the best furniture showrooms in Poland and Europe, as well as extensive contract realizations of commercial and private interiors. Designs, manufactures and assembles individual steel and wooden constructions in private homes, restaurants, hotels, shops and offices.


We were awarded for our work, with two MUST HAVE 2020 awards: for GROP shelving system and BORDER wall decoration. For the production, the company uses only the highest quality steel and wood raw materials, provided with e.g. FSC certificates.


We produce products, which bring good news to the world: the admiration for the artificial will pass! Each one is different, because it is handmade by nature – in accordance with the art of craftsmanship. We solemnly declare that the product you will receive from us will be suitable as a combination of design and good work. As a manufacturer of wooden furniture, we believe that what is natural always fits.
We promise that you will recommend us to more than one friend, or not. Because we don’t always want to share our unique impressions. Sometimes we want to leave the best for ourselves.