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Swarzedz was always known and appreciated for being the city of furniture manufacturers. For the big plants exporting items East and West of Europe and for the small workshops for whom quality meant to be or not to be, to have or not to have.


When grandpa Florek, at the beginning of the 20th century, began his carpentry business – he probably assumed that the company would be taken over by one of his sons. It wasn’t easy for him – in 20 m2 of his workshop, in the furniture heart of Poland, he created furniture that fitted – to size (custom made). He always made sure that the wood which he used to create with was clean, dry, well-colored. His entire Quality Department being his two eyes did not tolerate sloppiness and shortcuts. His whole life he dealt with wood and in the evenings he dealt cards. Every day we try to remember that production and the piece of furniture that goes to someone for years is one of the biggest commitments.


Our wood has grown up with us – it has matured and cracked, knots have appeared. Our love for wood and excitement with every piece, the smell of oak is persistent. We put our wood on a pedestal that is made of metal. We produce thousands of tables and chairs that bring good news to the world: admiration for artificial will pass! Thousands of them, each different, because handmade with the help of nature.


We solemnly declare that the product you receive from us, both well designed and well-crafted, will fit. What is made of nature always fits. We promise that the tabletop will have knots and it will be cracked. We promise that the construction will not be perfectly welded. We promise that you will recommend us to more than one friend, or not. Because we do not always want to share unique experiences with others. Sometimes we want to leave the best for ourselves.

History enchanted in a beautiful passion and hard work.

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