L'DESK LOFT Decora wooden trays - industrial accessories

L’DESK/ wooden trays

L’DESK wooden trays were created from the need for aesthetic presentation of the colors of our wood used for production.

Today they function as independent forms that are perfect for decoration. They are available as a set of oak trays of various diameters that fit in one block or as a single tray.

The decorative cutter gives them a unique character and prevents uncontrolled falling out of objects.

L’DESK wooden trays as decorations are perfect for any table, naturally!





fi26, fi27, fi28, fi29 [499 zł]
fi29 [180 zł]


Selection and color of oak wood


Thickness [20 mm]
Certyficate [FSC]
Wood stain and selections [in price]
Natural oak Moccha oak Milky oak Black oak
Natural oak / Moccha oak / Milky oak / Black oak

Rustic nature
*the tops of our products are protected with ultra-mat varnish
*staining for client’s sample at extra charge
*filling knots at extra charge
3d models


Download textures and 3D files in *.3ds, *.obj