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EUFORMA Showroom/ Katowice

EUFORMA Showroom/ Katowice

For EUFORMA SHOWROOM we produced and installed shop display from solid, antiqued wood and black steel. All done with caring about every detail.

  • chair rack with cast iron wheels
  • replicas of trolleys for firing porcelain from distressed wood, metal and cast iron welded elements
  • sales tables
  • hanging ceilings made of perforated mesh
  • Illuminated steel logo for entry

The interior design is, as usual, an ambitious and perfect line of Marta Koniczuk’s studio, also responsible for the construction of the EUFORMA showroom in Katowice.

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In addition to the contractual elements, of course, in the Salon, you will find an exhibition of the LOFT Decora brand – touch, desire, buy 馃檪