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Auxiliary furniture

Auxiliary furniture - industrial consoles or a multifunctional metal table? Some pieces of furniture are really inconspicuous and their strength lies in the way we use them. This is how the auxiliary furniture works - industrial consolesand an auxiliary metal table, the multi-functionality of which will delight fans of practical solutions. Loft consolesthis is an extremely interesting solution. It will work in any room - living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, hall or child's room. The light form does not overwhelm the interior and makes the piece of furniture virtually unnoticeable. However, due to the materials from which loft consoles They are made of solid wood and stainless steel, their quality is really great. Thanks to this, the auxiliary furniture is extremely practical, we can easily change their functions, at the same time simple and solid industrial consoles will serve us for years. Side tables can take on interesting shapes. As a result, this inconspicuous piece of equipment is not only functional, but also serves as a decoration. Use it in different rooms - it's a truly multifunctional table! Depending on the purpose for which we set it, it can be a bedside table, newspaper stand, book table or even a flower bed. Options on how we can usedesigner metal auxiliary table, there is really a lot. One thing is certain - we will realize how much we need it, when we equip ourselves with it! See also others industrial furniture from LOFT Decora!

MIGHTY / console

The MIGHTY loft console is a non-obvious piece of furniture. Thanks to the large surface of the tabletop, it can be both a console and an auxiliary piece of...

WALLY / side table

The WALLY auxiliary table is a table-task, table-function. It will be exactly what you want. Exactly where you see him. It can be a side table, coffee table, bedside...

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CONSOLE/ console

industrial CONSOLE is the perfect welcome to your guests. From hello, at the entrance. Our industrial console is the perfect place for a small organization – keys, wallet, the most...