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Industrial cabinet from LOFT Decora We cannot imagine living without cabinets. This is the basic element that allows us to organize and store items well. An interesting industrial cabinet can additionally make the necessary piece of furniture an interior decoration. Then the room arranged in an industrial style will become really coherent. By combining practical solutions with unusual design, we will make the best use of the space of our apartment. Industrial rtv cabinet under the TV set is a perfect place to store discs or the most necessary equipment. In addition, the interesting TV cabinet is a way not only to cover the cables, but also to decorate the room with a well-designed piece of furniture. If we add loft decorations , we can arrange a truly stunning interior. Each LOFT Decora cabinet is made of the highest quality materials. Solid wood and stainless steel are a combination that guarantees durability and strength. Designed according to extraordinary projects, combining modern design with a timeless form. Thanks to all this, the cabinet will be able to serve us for a really long time. If you think that the perfect industrial loft cabinet does not exist, most likely you have not yet come across some suggestions from LOFT Decora designers! An RTV cabinet or one designed to fulfill other functions is a perfect complement to the interior, a way to organize it well and add a decorative dot to the room. Take advantage of all its advantages and order your own cabinet in the style loft.

TAI/ rtv cabinet

The TAI rtv cabinet is a TV cabinet made of solid wood standing on a delicate steel frame made of a 3/8 inch tube. A characteristic element is the curve...

LOFT Decora LTV TV cabinet

LTV/ loft TV cabinet

Industrial tv cabinetLTV is a CUBE style base and a metal finish on the top. The entire body is made of durable, powder-coated metal sheet. Each niche is divided by...

NIGHT Frame industrial cabinet, LOFT Decora cabinet

NIGHT FRAME/ bedside cabinet

NIGHT FRAME to loft cupboard. Solid wood with doors set on reliable BLUM mechanisms ensuring a silent door closing. A loft cabinet on a metal frame, perfectly matched, will...