Industrial restaurant tables, tables for a loft-style restaurant

Restaurant tables

B.A.R restaurant table in the loft style

B.A.R/ restaurant table

B.A.R. table is an ideal high table for bars, pubs and restaurants. For public places where it is best to stand. Perfectly fitted to the C’HOOK series barstools, they...

Restaurant table in the industrial style CROSS 80sq

CROSS 80sq/ restaurant table

CROSS 80sq is a restaurant table combining practicality (hooks) with a stable base (in the shape of a cross) that allows you to move the chairs. In restaurants, bars and...

FLAT restaurant tables from LOFT Decora

FLAT/ restaurant table

The restaurant table which impresses with details and stability provided by the leg made of full steel sheet, laser-cut. On adjustable legs, tens of kilograms of perfectly fitted steel....

STEAK / - industrial restaurant table

STEAK/ restaurant table

The STEAK table is a leg and a table top. Knife and fork for unusual cafes, pubs and meeting places. Thick oak table top. Construction made out of kilograms of...

Loft furniture - FLAT DOUBLE restaurant table

FLAT DOUBLE/ restaurant table

Delighting with details restaurant table. On adjustable legs, tens of kilograms of perfectly matched steel. One leg, great stability. Traditional, hand-made tabletop.   Available in sizes: 140x90x75 Available in...