TRIANGLE bookholder - loft-style accessories

TRIANGLE/ bookholder

SQUARE / TRIANGLE / HALF-OVAL are decorations spatial forms, based on geometric figures characteristic of BAUHAUS. They support books gracefully.

These solid oak book stoppers are part of the GROP shelving system derived from BAUHAUS, designed by Bartłomiej Pawlak and Łukasz Stawarski for LOFT Decor.

In addition to the available standard oak LOFT Decora colors, we will also get a bookholder in BAUHAUS colors: red, yellow and blue.



Art+ collection for everyday art.




Pawlak & Stawarski



triangle 20×20 H18 [295 zł]
square 20×10 H20 [295 zł]
half-oval 30×10 H15 [295 zł]
Instrested in another size? Write to us!


Selection and color of oak wood


Certyficate [FSC]
Wood stain and selections [in price]
Natural oak Moccha oak Milky oak Black oak
Natural oak / Moccha oak / Milky oak / Black oak
Yellow stain oak / Red stain oak / Blue stain oak


Natural selection (few fine knots)
*the tops of our products are protected with ultra-mat varnish
*staining for client’s sample at extra charge
*filling knots at extra charge


3d models


Download textures and 3D files in *.3ds, *.obj